3 Factor Smartphone Industry is growing rapidly

The Smartphone industry has been growing rapidly since the inception of the iPhone in 2007. What we could see in 2013 however is a complete explosion in the ownership and usage rates of these devices worldwide. This article will point out 3 factors that support the idea that 2013 will the biggest year for smartphones to date. It will also touch on how businesses can capitalize on this growth.

Factor One:

Global smartphone device shipments set to top 1 billion this year for the first time.

This is huge that's nearly 3x the number of PCs that were sold in 2011.

What this means for business:

This means that more consumers will be accessing online information through smartphones and not pc's. Businesses have to take into account the smaller screen size and have their websites optimized for mobile, With large number of consumers say they will not return to a website that is not easy to use on their phone you will lose business if your website is not optimized.

Factor two:

Apple App store recently surpassed 40 Billion Downloads with 50% of those coming in the last 12 months.

What this means for business:

The global demand for mobile applications is astounding and does not look like slowing down. With such a large appetite for apps businesses can position themselves ahead of the competition by providing something useful to their customers. Applications can help a customer interact with your business from anywhere in the world, whether they want to place an order, check out your latest stock, or redeem a special offer in store applications provide the ultimate user friendly experience. It also helps position a business as a market leader in the eyes of a consumer due to their adoption of the latest technology.

Factor Three:

There is news that apple is in the process of creating a cheaper version of the iPhone.

What this means for business:

Much the same as factor one this will result in more consumers accessing information through smartphones. For those businesses that currently have applications however they will need to ensure that their application is compatible with the firmware of the cheaper iPhone. This product could sell very well and it would be a bad mistake to alienate such a large base of potential clients.

So 2013 is shaping up to be the biggest year for smartphones to date. If your business has not yet taken steps to capitalize on this rapid growth then you should start planning now. Those businesses that have a strategy to deal with the shift away from PCs toward smartphones will outperform those that do not. Whether you opt solely for a mobile optimized site or lean towards an application as well you need to be doing something to stay ahead of the pack.

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